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Death By Chocolate Lab

Somebody killed arrogant dog trainer Steve Beamus at bucolic Winding Hill farm. And pet sitter Daphne Templeton's sister is the prime suspect. What can Daphne do but team up with a wise basset hound and an exuberant one-eared Chihuahua to clear her sister's name - before handsome, enigmatic Detective Jonathan Black sends Piper to jail!


Dial Meow For Murder

On the eve of Halloween, Daphne discovers a temperamental black cat named Tinkleston guarding a body in Sylvan Creek's legendary "haunted mansion." Before Daphne can say "boo," she's protecting a cursed portrait, being stalked by a spectral figure, and chasing down a killer - all while tripping over Jonathan Black in a pair of oversized clown shoes!

Doggone charming from start to finish.
— NYTimes Bestselling Author Cleo Coyle

Paw Prints & Predicaments

Sylvan Creek's Tail Waggin' Winterfest has never been more snowy fun. Until things go terribly wrong at the polar bear plunge into Lake Wallapawakee. And things get stranger when a fabled, spectral Saint Bernard who's said to guard the local woods seems to come to life - landing on Daphne's doorstep!